Politicians win again, this time over IPL

The IPL – 2 was rightly shifted and where it is played is immaterial. The main audience are those in front of the TV and prime time or not, cricket lovers will have the fill.
In the blame game and which political party played spoilsport, a senior journalist of repute Pradeep Magazine, says the Indian home minister has a point. Security is paramount and cannot be ignored.
Agreed. But the fact also is that none of the politicians wanted the IPL in the first place, much before the Lahore blasts. All politicians were more concerned that the IPL will take the numbers away from their political rallies. When the IPL was ready to spend 10 times more on the security budget, shift the dates and add to the central security agencies, there was no excuse that the Indian politicians should take the extra step to show that the Indian setup is different from Pakistan.
By still making statements that “the state government [especially Maharashtra] has no problem ‘after the elections'” or “why couldn’t the IPL be postponed?” people are showing their ignorance in understanding that the IPL could not be deferred because there is no space in the cricketing calendar.
Now that the IPL has been shifted, we should count on the positives:
1) The IPL at venues outside India was already being discussed. Let the IPL go global, what is the harm in it? There are substantial cricket lovers at the alternatives mentioned – South Africa, England and UAE. The IPL is not the domain of the Indian Cricket Fan.
2) The international players, who had qualms about playing in India, could now rejoin making it a full house. Even the players from Pakistan shoud be able to get to play, hopefully.
3) Rather than not having it at all, playing at an alternate venue keeps two vital ingredients alive – the eight franchisees and the TV company that has paid a bombshell and which is ultimately footing the bill. In this times of recession, their interests should have been kept paramount from the outset itself.
Instead, the politicians took centrestage, as usual

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