Where is the moral brigade when it should be?

When Anjali Waghmare was appointed, all hell broke loose even though it was evident that she was picked only because she happened to be the first among seven candidates to reach the court on time. And she kept insisting that she was doing it because if she didn’t, Qasab could go scot free despite the mounting evidence.
But in a victory for those who nit-pick, she has been removed although it took the judge ML Tahilyani more than 10 days to react to newspaper reports that there was a clash of interest because she is counsel for a victim of the Mumbai tragedy as well.
The court did not bother to look at the other six people it has first short-listed. Her replacement, SG Abbas Kazmi, says he is here to ‘uphold the constitution’ but the first thing he did is make Qasab resort to the time-tested techniques of stalling the process and denying all that has been said and done.
Given his track record and the way he was appointed also puts a big question mark on the integrity of the judge who feigned anger at Waghmare’s indiscretion. Why was a lawyer not appointed from the legal aid panel? Kazmi has defended terror suspects in other cases and, much as I hate to say it, from the same community as the accused. The kind of material, the moral brigade love to dig in.
If retracting from the confession fails, Kazmi will surely pitch next for insanity to Qasab, the other common technique and is unlikely to be countered since he is the only one to survive.

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