What about recession?

Congress chides the BJP mascot for its dubious stand on Kandahar. LK Advani adds to his list of gaffes by saying Obama when he was talking about Osama bin Laden. Mulayam Singh Yadav and Laloo Prasad Yadav say BJP brought Babri Masjid down while Congress watched even as both fight hard to get the community and caste votes with an eye on Mayawati.
Seeing the parties dig up the past from Babri to Kandahar and Narendra Modi and the Gandhi clan count each others’ years among all things, an outsider could be pardoned if he thought this Indian elections lacked issues.
For all his lackadaisical speeches, Advani at least showed the way by countering the government on one real issue: What did it propose to do about the illicit money stacked away by Indians in banks in tax haven countries?
S Gurumurthy rightly points out in The New Indian Express, the least Congress could do was acknowledge and stop the issue from snowballing.
Surely the knowledgable and gentlemanly Manmohan Singh could see merit in the topic and showed intent rather than letting his spokesmen shoot off their hips?

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