Why tinker with finance ministry?

Among the portfolio distribution talk, it is disconcerting to hear that Dr Manmohan Singh is rooting for his old friend Montek Singh Ahluwalia. While the PM has every right to have a say in the majority UPA government, the finance ministry is perhaps more crucial than Home and External Affairs, especially in this times of recession.
With the exception of Kamal Nath, all candidates are bureaucrats. That is a tricky one. The babus can be a refreshing change from the politicians who hand out unreasonable sops and subsidies like freebies with no accountablity. Yet they may have to toe the party lines eventually.
Manmohan Singh got the freedom to reach where he is today thanks to Narsimha Rao. A strong Congress could now repeat history with Ahluwalia with the Sikh factor and as well as the bonding working in the friends’ favour.
But one still feels PC Chidambaram should be given a second stint. He remains a gentleman and his discomfort as Home minister is pretty evident. One feels his loss in the elections was primarily because of his commitments and extra focus on security that he has been trying to religiously ensure with sincerity.
Among the names on offer PC still remains a better choice and should be logged in back for the sake of continuity, if not anything else.
Two half-baked approaches should not be made in such hurried manner for the two vital ministries.


Your choice for Finance minister(?)

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