Lucky Dhoni… nay

May 14, Chennai v Bangalore, midway through the IPL: Roelof van der Merwe is cruising back to his crease for a second run. Dhoni sees Muralitharan sending in a throw from wide long-on but stands still as if the action is over.
Suddenly his hands go up to pouch the throw like trying to catch a flying mosquito by surprise and down comes the hands in a flash. Merwe, with his back to Muralitharan, has been caught unawares and found short of the crease. He had all the time to make ground but is fooled by the body language of the small town boy’s shrewdness. That Chennai lost in the last over is another matter.
Against Kolkata Knight Riders, he is the only one alert to see that Sourav Ganguly has chopped on to his leg stump even as others are following the ball. Again, he is the only one to bring the umpire’s attention to call upstairs and check if Brendon McCullum is bowled last ball of the over. The square leg umpire and others had started to change position for the next over. The danger man was rightly ruled out and caught everyone by surprise.
Again in the death, realising fielding is not upto the mark and there are a few weaklings like Muralitharan in the outfield, he sheds his gloves to man the deep square leg and try and plug the boundary chances. Yet commentators are questioning his decision.
It is obvious that the captain is thinking cricketer and manages to find his calm even as everyone is just a busybee and adding to the din; be it the fans, commentators, cheerleaders or even bowlers yelling out and changing fields before every ball.
Maybe it is time for his critics to admit that he is not a “lucky captain” after all, certainly not now as he gets set to leave with his boys to defend the biennial T20 World Cup in England.

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