UPA scores own goal

First they claimed that the new government will sport a younger look in a period where the pressure of coalition politics will be significantly less.
The first chapter while negotiating with the DMK threw the last clause out. Whether it is four or forty, demands of allies is bound to be there.
Then all the talk of young faces in the Cabinet went out of the window (sic). Channels were struggling to count the young faces and depending on whether they wanted to be critical or appear soft, the threshold age limit to be ‘young’ varied and hence the number: 4-7.
Even if it was 10, for the jumbo size cabinet (with lesser allies, mind you) that is not a fair representation. And Rahul is yet to come in wth his team. It will happen eventually towards the end of the five-year-term, perhaps. We get another five years, that is.
Lesser representation for Muslims and Dalits is another own goal by the Congress and so is its incoherent policy on Uttar Pradesh as of now.
The ‘sacked’ Vilasrao Deshmukh gets back in but Vilas Muttemwar doesn’t in Maharashtra.
But the biggest setback from a sporting point of view was MS Gill retaining the ministry. With due respect to his approach he has done creditably well. But he is out of sync with the demands of sportspersons in today’s world.
Demanding respect for the national awards and playing moral police to sms contests on the IPL is far less priority than ensuring the big draw events are held or being held on schedule. The Commonwealth Games have already suffered minor setbacks, the IPL had to be moved out of South Africa (with Gill playing no pro-active part in the negotiations) and the last word is yet to come on the Champions League.
The fact that Gill’s entry was objected to last time around but has been accomodated only as a friend and to appease the Prime Minister doesn’t inspire much confidence.
If at all, a ministry was there to be given – even as a “reward” or a symbolic approach – to the young faces in the parliament, it was sports.

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