Killing the goose in T20 greed

It is no surprise when lesser knowns try and figure out every possible way to dip into other’s ride of glory. There is a hindi adage, behti ganga mein haath dho lo, that best describes it.
Earlier this month, a newly-formed sports marketing company signed up Pakistan’s Mohammed Aamer, who barely had stepped into the limelight when he replaced Sohail Tanvir in the World Twenty20 in June.
And now the publicity-hungry small time coach in Mumbai, Naushad Khan, has decided it is time to keep the media buzz busy on his next ticket to fame; Kamran Khan.
So even if Kamran is not fit and only 75 percent by his own admission, the coach wants the bowler, who coveted attention in the IPL in bowler-friendly conditions of South Africa, to now take the field as a batsman. It is beyond one’s limited medical expertise to figure out how his not yet recovered ligaments are enough to sustain sudden and quick bursts of running between the wickets even if he fields in the slips and not weaken the muscles for a strong future.
By all means marketing companies and mentors should get their due for spotting talent young and grooming them but it is also important to be patient in the grooming stage in a player’s career and not kill the proverbial goose.

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