Needle pointing in the wrong direction

It is but natural to view anything where the BCCI officials or the Indian cricketers or both are the odd ones out as a show of their arrogance and inflated egos.
But it is also wrong in the recent WADA doping code controversy to think that those dying to cast a stone at them should be expecting the protagonists to be saints either and certainly when among those critics are people who themselves have no conscience.
Those who argue that if 191 countries and 571 federations can agree to the whereabouts clause, why is a lone Indian cricket board acting as a prick?
The WADA president John Fahey make the point of the surprise element.
Without giving a damm to the players’ argument that it affects privacy and poses security threat – we all know that the stud cricketers want to protect their off-field activities from 11 pm to 6 am in the night – the question that needs to be asked from Fahey is if the players reveal their wherabouts and know that WADA can come swoop any time, where is the surprise there as well?
As it is, only a select few will be affected, in this case only 11 athletes. Anyone who makes it to the top level knows they are in the firing line.
WADA claim the information will be known to limited few and confidential, but what if an employee breaks the ranks or retires and comes out with a book as is the case; a rampant trend.
Now, if WADA can conduct surprise checks on ANYONE during events, drugs consumed days before the event can also show up so why bother?
It is interesting to mention here that in the case of weightlifters, a prominent source of doping offenders, many East European coaches are experts in camouflaging drug usage and the reason for their dominance in the sport despite stringent checks.
It is obvious that WADA hasnot been able to comeup with dope testing methods where there is a gestation period involved from the consumption of drugs to the date of the tournament.
It seems to be a case of telling everyone to be awake in the night in case a burglar comes calling when it should be a matter of doing research and coming up with a foolproof alarm system.

Are Indian cricketers justified in rejecting WADA’s whereabouts clause?(trends)

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