Rule is a rule is a rule

The world’s top three contenders for my ‘sportsperson of the century’ would be Sachin Tendulkar, Roger Federer and Tiger Woods and one quality that sets them apart is the quiet, humble and unassuming way of their adding brick by brick to their greatness.
Which is why Tiger’s comments on the time ruling at the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational were surprising. While it highlights Tiger’s respect for Padraig Harrington and sensitiveness of a champion for his fellow rivals even in glory, the flag-bearer of the real gentleman’s game certainly knows that a rule is a rule is a rule (sic).
In a sport where players get disqualified even after scoring a course record just because they did not sign the scorecard or did it wrongly, respecting the clock in times of live broadcasting of events like this is as important as lining for a crucial putt.
And it was not as if the tournament referee actually penalised Harrington. Also if Harrington had to hurry through his strokes, it is a pointer to his abilities rather than expect the tournament process to be circumvented for the sake of the last leader group, however big names it consists.

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