Much wanted: Jinnah the man

First they try to raze a masjid in a vain attempt to restore a lost page of hindu history which they claim was theirs originally even though Babri masjid’s history is not quite established.
And then the same politicians try to give a man a wrongful credit in India’s secular history when it has been proved by their own admission that Mohammad Jinnah “created something out of nothing.”
Either LK Advani and now Jaswant Singh are trying to score just brownie points with the Muslim population or have their thoughts garbled up.
It is gracious enough for Jaswant Singh to look at the personality and not deeds of Jinnah in his new book. So what if it is public knowledge that the British decide to use the ‘divide and rule’ policy and the one guy who helped ‘develop’ and further their cause was Jinnah.
As Mr Singh says, Jinnah was determined to succeed and reach the top so what if his methods were to foster religious enimity that still continues to push India down on the road to prosperity 63 years after independence.
Even Ravana was obsessed with having Sita and his inflated ego made him think he was invincible. It is conveniently ignored that he was also an accomplished scholar and Veena player, a brahmin and a big devotee of Lord Shiva with his ten heads signifying knowledge that spanned ten directions. So should we not demonify him as we do and give him some due credit and a book written only on that, what say?

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