For pitch sake, admit it BCCI

There should be no shame in admitting that the Kotla pitch was substandard and mistakes do happen.
Especially since the series result was secured, the Board of Control for Cricket in India could have cracked down on the state units and sent out a message that if they are ready to dole out dollops of money for infrastructure, the associations should be more responsible towards ensuring that they do a perfect job of hosting the matches whenever provided the opportunity to do so.
The BCCI had already disbanded the pitches committee although the decision could be a bit harsh considering that there were more than one gullible party.
But by defending the Kotla pitch the powers that be have proved that the vote of Delhi towards retaining power in the distant elections in September hold enough power to expose their toothlessness.
How can the BCCI justify that only six or seven balls were dangerous and hence the pitch is not too blame. There were many advance warnings from other quarters about the unknown nature of the pitch. Putting that in context and the fact that seven deliveries in 23 overs translate to 28 in the 100 overs of the one-day format – enough to lay down both teams in entirety – there is no other explanation for this disrespectful display of vanity.
Either that or Sudip Tyagi is more lethal than Brett Lee and a weapon of mass destruction. One seriously doubts that.

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