Crackdown on just indiscipline or match-fixing also?

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It took a long time coming but the major upheaval in Pakistan cricket was due. Some might think banning players may have been a bit harsh but the followers of Pakistan cricket, including seasoned journalists that one has spoken to, will tell you that a shock treatment was needed.

The rot had to be stemmed and by cutting at the base of the team with senior players’ wings clipped, no one can predict when Pakistan cricket will bloom again. But there is more chances that if and when the tree grows it will have a fresh and better outlook.

Having said and done with the troublemakers in the Pakistan team, it is also equally important that the board members and support staff are also made accountable. But that does not mean that this view is joining solidarity with the opinions expressed by many. In the end it was performances on the field that matter and the players have themselves to blame.

In the past, chopping and changing one captain or one coach was the usual recourse for corrective action.

What one would like to know is if the Pakistan Cricket Board has attempted to address two issues with one stone. Remember, the cloud of doubt is still not over the claim that two members, but “not from the current squad”, are involved in match-fixing. Soon after the two Twenty20 international against England in Dubai last month, a forlorn-looking chairman Ijaz Butt had made those comments but backtracked saying he meant 10 years back when Salim Malik and Ata-ur-Rehman were found guilty and banned for life.

Incidentally this is the biggest decision and show of determination from PCB since then. So it there more than what meets the eye of a simple case of crackdown on indisciplined players, especially when Pakistan also needs all the talent of Mohammad Yousuf and Younis Khan to win matches on neutral grounds all over the world?

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