KKR is not looking back now

First a disclaimer: Until MS Dhoni goes some more distance, Sourav Ganguly is still the best captain India got in the last decade.

So it may sound obvious that Kolkata Knight Riders are best placed to do better than their last place finish from the Indian Premier League’s second season.

The way they played against Deccan Chargers and especially the way Ganguly handled his bowlers in the last five overs, one is quite confident to bet his last rupee on the conclusion that, come what may in the long-drawn competition, KKR is not finishing at the bottom for sure.

Unless, of course, the man with the whip decides that the captain will rotate after every one odd match.

Talking of Shahrukh Khan, commentator Harsha Bhogle kept saying throughout every tense moment in that opening game of IPL-3 that the actor IS busy tweeting away, when he was not. It is good to show that he is well versed with the social media but it also looks stupid when you are way off the mark while dealing with the breaking news kind.

And since there have been thousands of lines about SRK and HIS team and many between them, one wants to ask why no one from the media especially has even bothered for a single line of feedback from co-owner (yes, co-owner) Juhi Chawla, who was present in the stadium, by the way.

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