To blow or not to blow, a horny issue

The vuvuzela-gate. That’s a tough one. The crying plea from the world all over is that it is destroying the experience of watching the beautiful game with high decibel levels of more than 120.
Unless one is used to dictatorship, the democratic view of billions of people cannot be ignored for the mere thousands who are filling up the stadiums and insist that the weapons of mass chaos are their traditional way of enjoying the game.
On last count, 26.3 billion people watched the 2006 World Cup in Germany and the numbers, only next to the Olympics, would have doubtfully decreased. On the other hand, it is the only thing that has become the symbol of the lively and vibrant population of South Africa. It is there way of spreading the cheer in a largely-impoverished country who has spent through their noses to set up the infrastructure alone worth billions of dollars. That’s a huge price they have paid for the national pride.
Can their be a compromise formula? As Shakira croons “Waka, Waka” meaning roughly “it is South Africa’s turn to burn brightly” billions are watching – except they can’t bear to watch it with the noisy drone of million bees. For all you know, the clueless show from many a team can be pinned down to the fact that the all-important coach is not able to pull the strings from the sidelines because his voice is being ‘droned out’.
With both view points equally forceful enough, this chapter in history should best be marked with a sticky note warning organisers of all sporting events in future to plan for the spectator power who is chipping in with important gate money. That shouldn’t be difficult. Makers of the Vuvu-plug will be better prepared with stocks and TV broadcasters have already worked out a way in many countries to mute the buzz and super-imposed the commentary on the audio. Coaches can perhaps develop a sign language or maybe we will see the advent of ear pieces for players like in cricket?
Till then it is a draw.

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