26/11 suspect Kasab has valid hopes of living longer

The mere thought that the main accused of the November 26 mass murder in Mumbai is still alive is scary. With due acknowledgment of the fact that justice in a democratic society be served late better than not served – which is why the usage of ‘accused’ even though his guilt was proved LIVE on camera – we agreed to run the full hog of a trial for Kasab.

This despite the public knowledge that backtracking from his statement and stalling the process with antics like loss of memory and depression and what not will have to be tolerated. Yet, we even managed to pass that painstakingly long hurdle as we await the final hurdle, ironically, which has no finality to it, and this too we know.

Those agitated by the planned attack on the parliament – the symbol of the largest democarcy in the world – are still awaiting capital punishment for Afzal Guru. That his mercy petition is still lying with the president is hope, and valid enough, for Ajmal Kasab to live atleast five more years at the current rate. In Afzal Guru’s case, he atleast has the benefit of doubt as we don’t know the exact proof stacked up by the authorities against him. In Kasab’s case, it has even been proved beyond doubt that he tried to mislead the Indian law system by lying about his roots and his cover was blown by the media from Pakistan no less. For that alone, his case should be treated and dealt with the utmost contempt and urgency.

Yet, reports of eight people being spared the gallows by the President of India comes as a bitter pill. It is a recipe that should be immediately looked into by the media and whether they indeed deserved being let off the hook. Even if they did, what is the order for the remaining lot in the queue before Guru and then Kasab come up.

When the perpretators behind the Bhopal gas tragedy can go scot-free, it is time the judicial system and the media takes up such seemingly harmless news and trends seriously.

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