Time our Olympic ideology changed

In the brouhaha over corruption in the Commonwealth Games – I am surprised it took so late upto the onset of the event for the media to expose Kalmadi and his con gang – what went almost unnoticed was the International Olympic Committee, the parent body for all Olympic-related activity, to ask Kalmadi’s IOA (Indian Olympic Association) to redraft its rules of constitution.

It may still turn out to be a minor irritation for the seasoned politician who will work his way around the IOC. After all, IOC needs their vote and that is why they took sides with Kalmadi when the government (read MS Gill) trained the guns on the tenure of long standing office-bearers like him.

But hopefully it will have the heads of the different sports federations thinking and asking for what is rightfully their right. Come to think of it, what role or activity do the state olympic associations do apart from perhaps holding a few athletic meets in select states, that too, in a year.

The least they could do is get athletes with the requisite experience of participating in three Olympics. Considered the low medal tally and our rate at success, that is already a mean ask. Let’s focus on that.

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