Schumacher has lost his fortune in return gamble

Like Michael Air Jordan, Lance Armstrong and many others who spoilt their blemishless careers by making botched returns to their respective sport, Michael Schumacher seems surely headed to acquiring that stamp of dirt on his glowing helmet.

He may still win a race or maybe not but his hard-nosed approach has been highlighted more than ever. A line between arrogance and supreme confidence may be big for the Australian cricketers but it is very very very very thin in Formula One, one which could risk the lives of drivers with the kind of overtaking that Schumacher tried to do in Hungary.

The question here is are these acts of desperation a passing phase from a driver used to success, where a win or two will be enough to settle the nerves.

Or is proof that the world has slipped past the seven-time world champion so much between his retirement and comeback that Schumacher is finding it near to impossible to play catch up. Or is it that he has it in him but the car is not good enough and the pressure to live upto his expectations are getting the better of him?

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