Kishore da: flawed genius or successful idiot

Today is the birth anniversary of Kishore Kumar, my most favourite playback singer. Reading the wikipedia article about him and his 1985 interview with Pritish Nandy, he quite clearly comes on as a rebellious person who gave a damm to protocol or one who never bothered about the consequence of his actions and behaviour.

People are calling him a flawed genius or as one of peers said, “insanity is a prerequisite to a genius”. What intrigues me in the study of human behaviour is how difficult or easy is it for such geniuses to maintain such eccentric behaviour especially in the formative years.

People ignored the shortcomings of others like him from Isaac Newton to Mahatma Gandhi to Diego Maradona as they remained steadfast in their beliefs even if they had to be brutally arrogant about it. These people managed to carry off their idiosyncrasies but documented profiles suggest they only did so once they had established a fair degree of success.

How I wish I could tell my boss he is a piece of s**t or f-off even when things come to a head and that appraisal long overdue has not happened even when I have been consistent at work. I wish I could ask Kishore da. I am ready to even hug trees – Jhatpatajhatpatpat is a nice one!

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