Why is dicussing religion a problem at the Games?

Ok, I jumped the gun when I got heckled up on just reading that public display of affection like hugging and kissing will be looked down upon during the Commonwealth Games. A patient read and a detailed explanation that while it may be okay in some westernised parts in India itself, the majority view needs to be respected. Fair enough.

But then another point attracted a smirk. It says while everyone has a opinion on religion, try and avoid discussing it. Now, what are we concerned here about?

We beat our chests to portray India as a secular country and yet when it comes to showcasing the country in a rare event of international multitude like the Games since the 1982 Asiad, we are wary of clashes over religion. Guess, it gives away the tinderbox that we are sitting on.

Question is why are we uncomfortable discussing that. And if it is an inconvenience, what is being done about it? Exactly the point this blog made while discussing a tangent but closely related topic of What women want?

2 thoughts on “Why is dicussing religion a problem at the Games?

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