But why did you appear on Monday, Rathore?

Goldfinger decided to skip the trials on Tuesday after making an appearance on Monday and going by the visuals his expressions showed he did not have a good day.
We don’t have the detailed scores but the Natrional Rifle Association of India (NRAI) – notoriously known for their apathy like all national federations – expectedly have announced that there will not be any room for emotions and the Athens Olympics silver medallist is out of the Commonwealth Games squad.
Despite knowing NRAI’s viewpoint when Rathore says selection policy was changed and is inconsistent, there is no reason not to believe him. But that was in March, by his own admission. If he was still battling the odds and fighting it out for a berth, and if he appeared for trials on Monday, what happened in a day that suddenly Rathore thought he was up against a wall.
Case of being a sore quitter of an army man?

PS: Ahem Indian media, the acronym for Commonwealth Games is CG, and not CWG !!

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