To fix matches is okay as long as it is not official

The case of world number one snooker player John Higgins has quite clearly thrown up a feeling of injustice and inequality for sure. Only the extent of it depends on what glasses you wear.
For the uninitiated, much before the match-fixing spotlight came back on the Pakistan cricket team, Higgins also was caught in the same paper’s sting operation. While an independent organisation called Sports Resolutions UK announced a mixed verdict of culpable-but-not-guilty, the mere name of the deciding authority casts doubt on its stature on the world stage.
The comments from the governing body only reiterates the doubt that the verdict is an attempt to hurriedly stash the issue under the carpet and move on before much damage is done to the already-reeling sport and before anyone notices since the same paper, News of the World broke the story.
As the world snooker chairman Barry Hearn tried to justify it, it was a private event and the charges would have been difficult too prove in a law court based on just the evidence of a video. In that case, why was Higgins’s former manager Patrick Mooney banned for life while Higgins escaped with only a slap on the wrist and that too in the form of a backdated six-month ban effective May when the charges first came up. Quite clearly everything has been done to cushion the impact while making an attempt to deliver justice.
The fact that the flip-flop by Higgins of first saying he feared for his life from the Russian mafia and hence just “played along” doesn’t cut any ice because by Hearn’s own admission, Mooney was involved fully. So how can the agent be fully involved without the approval of the actual man who is going to pull off the set frame of events at the table (sic)?
But the verdict, one fears, has given one strong indicator: that Salman Butt and his boys will also manage to avoid sanction with their seemingly silly posturing that the money found in their rooms was towards endorsement deals by the bookie Majeed.
The respect for Hansie Cronje grows, but more on that in tomorrow’s post.

One thought on “To fix matches is okay as long as it is not official

  1. Cronje deserves belated redemption «

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