Cronje deserves belated redemption

To be honest when the news flashed on our ticker in 2000 that it was ‘Satan’ who forced Hansie Cronje to resort to match-fixing, one had a hearty laugh.
Right, so where was Jesus and why did he not stop you from doing it in the first place if you are so obsessed with those entities in life, was the cynical response.
But over the years, as cases keep emerging and, more importantly, piling on, one realises the grave nature of spiritual cleansing and the idiom, “to err is human”.
Even as the Pakistan team grapples with the latest but non-discovery of mud in the so-called gentleman’s game, one can only laugh again at ex-cricketers who admit it is rampant and I-told-you-so with a holier than thou attitude.
Like Rashid Latif, the man who now equates cricket to movies, says: “I am not saying that both players were involved in spot-fixing, but the sequence of events was enough to create a doubt in my mind. I want to say that a player is called a cheat only when he is caught, otherwise nobody points a finger at him, and believe me 50 per cent of the players fall in this category,” Latif said.
In that case, why hasn’t somebody come and admitted it? It also means that of the more than 50 per cent of corrupt cricketers all over the world – which could be thousands, at least – only one Cronje had the guts to be the scapegoat and take the blame all on himself despite the fact that it was team effort there as well.
Over the years it has been proved that even for people like Herschelle Gibbs, the law is a dumb ass all over the world and fixing charges are difficult to prove.
For that reason alone, Cronje deserves redemption, belatedly as it has to be.

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