Sena does an about turn on Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010

In their latest u-turn, the Shiv Sena has said that it welcomes the organisation of a mega event like the Commonwealth Games and has appealed to the Congress government to take every possible initiative and see if the doomed event can still be shifted to the most wonderful and yet exploited state in the country – Maharashtra.

It may be recalled that a little before their flip-flop on Salman Khan’s controversial comments last month, Shiv Sena had also lambasted the government and the corrupt officials of the multi-magnitude event being held as a symbol of Indian pride since the 1982 Asiad. The venue on both occasions has been New Delhi, a fact that regional saffron brigade party leaders realised only yesterday and want their piece of the pie.

According to a senior party leader, speaking on the condition of anonymity (naturally), these are the tricks of the trade that an inexperienced politician like Uddhav has to learn from his father, the veteran Bal Thackeray. Apparently, the inspiration of lifting the idea from somewhere else came when the family was sitting over morning tea and breakfast at the family home in Sena Bhavan in the Mumbai suburb of Dadar when the ageing Supremo read a report in an ‘English’ daily that a verification drive in Gurgaon is causing exodus of migrants ahead of the Games in neighbouring New Delhi.

The source added that despite his ailing health, the senior leader jumped up like a spring, spilling tea over his heir’s glasses, and yelled, “Eureka, I found a non-controversial solution for evicting migrant labourers of North India from my soil. This is called, saap bhi mar jaaye, or lathi bhi na toote! (Kill the snake without breaking the stick)”.

The question is will he, won’t he? i.e, make a mountain of a molehill or in political parlance, a campaign for the poor sons of the soil. Keep tuning into Delhi 6 Live for more updates.

Note: Forgive the literal translation. What Thackeray Sr meant was killing two birds with a stone.

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