The cricket god’s fifty is perfect reply to the bible’s 100

Earlier this year Sachin Tendulkar had rated his hundred against England post 26/11 as the best of the half century of centuries that he has notched up in a looooonng list of milestones.
Yesterday, there was an interesting tweet (apologies for not recollecting the author’s name) that said, “Not surprisingly whenever Sachin does something, the trending topics show up God… Sachin 1 God 0”
Incidentally Tendulkar’s centuries did not figure anywhere in the criteria of best centuries of all time in the knowledge of Wisden, the supposedly Bible of cricket when they came out with a list of the best in 2001.
Not that one cares two hoots about it anyways but it still rankles that they were so obstinate about their criteria that they stood by it irrespective of the fact that many fans shred that logic threadbare with lot of insightful perspectives.
The biggest irony was that cricket is a team game with big stress on fair play nowadays by the same authorities but when it comes to “weightage” and importance of centuries, a hundred is more important only if it was in a winning cause, according to them.
So if you are the best player in a shit team, like Brian Lara, you have no hope.
No contempt is enough for such lopsided thinking but the saving grace has been how Tendulkar evaluates his performances and rates them. He has avoided falling into the trap of judging himself, kept his feet on the ground and focused on his performances.
Even Shane Warne’s personality has been so huge that there is still calls for his recall but his off-field sex exploits continue to be talked about and ticked off as a negative in the same breath. So what if, Warne would have had the same focus as Tendulkar.
And the answer only accentuates and gives the right meaning to Tendulkar’s abstract statement that he attributes his long career to his passion for cricket.
On that point alone, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar deserves another big round of applause.

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