Attitude, not home advantage, will make India favourites at World Cup

Bookies have made India the favourite to win the cricket World Cup, one that they will co-host in the subcontinent barring Pakistan with a major share of the matches – 28 out of 48 – in the eight cities on the ground.
If you are the cynical types who believe that bookies run the show and if you read Between the Lines, it means India will not win the World Cup, home advantage or not. How did one come to that conclusion? well, you need to study the dynamics of betting and economics to understand that.
But that is all pure speculation. What matters is the attitude of every Indian player starting with the captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni.
The captain cool is the best best to lead the side in recent years and especially when a team, that too as hosts, needs such to tackle the pressure of billion-strong cricket-crazy nation. But the pressure of a last World Cup for Sachin Tendulkar will be difficult to handle for even someone like him, a fact that he acknowledges.
If the Indians can show the maturity to make his task easier, it will be great. But while one can only sympathise with the captain, the pure admission to that fact makes it appear that psychologically, the captain has been exposed.
Andrew Cole in his column before the Manchester derby tomorrow talks about the crowd behaviour when he switched camps from City to United. Insisting he did not get affected by the unhappy City fans, he says, “It all fades into the background, unless you are playing badly, in which case you hear every comment aimed at you.”
Isn’t it similar to the principles of The Secret or in cricket when they say, if you are out of form even the umpiring decisions can go against you?
So if Dhoni believes the task will be enormous, it has already become. As they say, it is between the two ears that a man can make or break his destiny. If Dhoni is really worried about the Tendulkar effect, then India have reason to worry too.

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