Aside: It was written that India will win this World Cup

Hindsight is always better. So with that knowledge, and 36 hours after India lifted the World Cup, it now dawns on me that we were going to win this anyway.
And I am certainly not hinting that the match was fixed.
No, err, actually it was fixed. In that the whole World Cup was fixed – with money power, of course – for the tournament to go to the subcontinent and coincide with Sharad Pawar’s tenure as the ICC president. Once that was rigged it was easy to arm twist the other co-hosts to agree further to having the Final in Mumbai, Pawar’s backyard.
And I am ready to bet that Pawar certainly was not thinking so far ahead selflessly that it will be the perfect stage for Sachin Tendulkar, should India win.
Because say as much you can, one just cannot fix matches involving 22 players and four umpires with so much of planned movements across the 54 matches.
It was written. By none other than God as his way of writing the conclusion to the chapters in history that Sachin Tendulkar wrote in golden words but was struggling to give a final flourish to the letters at the climax.
Come to think of it now and there were ‘the signs’ and certainly the much-established law of averages besides all the planning that went into the roadmap to Mission 2011 after the 2007 fiasco and even before that.
So what where the signs?
They say if you are out of form even the umpiring decisions go against you even when you are not out and vice versa.
So it all started right after the 2007 World Cup when, thanks to Guru Greg, pressure mounted on Tendulkar to leave this last desire of his unfulfilled and quit while he was still on top. The Maestro instead reinvented himself and scripted out his own personal plan to redemption.
As if on cue, MS Dhoni was persisted as captain and he moved from strength to strength though some, including a reputed lady journalist, ticked him off as a ‘lucky’ captain. That in turn also could be possible thanks to the calming influence of the unassuming Gary Kirsten. A perfect foil for the Men in Blue with high star value quotient. Clearly the BCCI honchos were not Supermen with such x-ray forevision.
Once the foundations were in the right place, the walls came up just as well with the right kind of support staff coming in, including the latest entrant Mike Horn. With all grace and humility, Dhoni and Tendulkar – another tick against their stature – have listed out yesterday how they went about with the dream that they had.
So when you wish for something real hard and set about the task of doing it with sincerity spoilers hardly matter.
So Jeff Crowe came in as match referee and bungled up yet again at the toss… Sreesanth took the place of 2003 final’s Zaheer Khan…. And Jayawardena proved the Law of Averages still works. For those who saw it coming, it meant Gambhir in all likelihood will fire, Yuvraj-Sehwag-Tendulkar were due to flop. And Dhoni took the bull by the horns for his one last word. Sau sunaar ki, ek lohaar ki…. All pure cricketing signs those. Even Simon Taufel got a decision wrong, for a change.
Astronomically too, the calendar year of 2011 is the same as 1983, the year of Kapil Dev’s Devils.
And one for the Thackerays of the world. When the ageing Tendulkar at 37 got hoisted on the shoulders of young turks as he clutched the Indian tricolour, guess who carried him for the most of the journey other than Virat Kohli?
The man they dumped after the initial matches on form and was sporting a long beard – Yusuf Pathan.
Yes it was victory for a secular India and nationalistic pride matters but for me it was only and only the just rewards for those 21 years of service to that man Sachin Tendulkar. This victory has opened up more questions for the future, best left for now.
Today we just cherish this win because it has taken 28 long years. Many including me disliked Kohli for the punk-like attitude when he started his career but he, again no coincidence here, summed it up best: “Sachin has carried the burden of India for so long, it was time we carried him.”
Straight drive, right from the heart.

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