Achievers like Sachin Tendulkar deserve a longer rope

What is with the human mentality to support the underdogs but when it comes to highly successful and proven personalities only being slightly under the weather, we tend to run them down as if past record means nothing.

Reaction to common musings on one’s Facebook page may not deserve a mention for the two ridiculous pictures mocking Sachin Tendulkar (see below), but Ian Chappell has stretched it a bit by calling the Little Master ‘timid’.

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Lesser mortals and people who haven’t picked up a bat, and who were singing paeans of Tendulkar not long back, seem to join in the itch of deriding the cricketer just when things are going all wrong Down Under.

Defeat blows up minor misgivings and that is what Chappell seems to have done. His reckoning that Tendulkar has been playing for lunch breaks and tea breaks may have some value because one would like to believe that he certainly knows his cricket more than one does.

But even if he does, how can you blame the man who is trying to make sure he blocks out as much pressure and buys time enough for rest of his India teammates to last as many sessions of play.

With Virender Sehwag and Rahul Dravid misfiring, surely Tendulkar can be forgiven for playing a few extra deliveries defensively. Surely, acting responsibly can’t be labelled timid for sure.

My colleague, Ahmed Rizvi, at The National highlights the fact that Ricky Ponting went without a century in 33 innings before the 150 in the Sydney Test. In contrast, Tendulkar is never given the long rope despite his better credentials. He is only gone 16 innings without a ton.

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