The Gandhian way to human bowel movement

I happened to read two articles featuring two different ex-colleagues long back. While Annie Zaidi was the subject of the story herself in her interview with Blogadda, Georgina Maddox wrote an article on a public toilet that is creating a furore, in the Daily Mail. Why? Because the toilet has an unsigned graffiti of Mahatma Gandhi, who needs no introduction.
Again, Zaidi who has become a famous author and writer, talks about, among other things, about the perceived movement against corruption by Anna Hazare, the current generation’s Gandhi wannabe. To quote from Annie’s deep wisdom: “I don’t know where Anna’s movement is headed. I don’t know if it was a movement, really. It seemed more like an outpouring of grief, anger and frustration. But a movement requires sustained involvement. It isn’t enough to express solidarity, wear a cap, and walk away”.
It is easy to mention words like Gandhigiri than act like one.
Anna Hazare’s first reaction to the slapping of Sharad Pawar was, ‘only one?’
On the public toilet issue no less than the founder of Sulabh International, who run public toilets in every major city in India, deemed it as an insult. Really?
So you are under pressure to answer nature’s call and when you got to go, you gotta go! And there is only one toilet, this one with Gandhi’s image. What do you think is utmost on your mind?
Are the sensibilities of offending Gandhi more important than at the cost of sanitation which was the first thing Gandhi focused on among his flock in Pretoria where a reluctant wife Kasturba also had to pay heed. I am sure Gandhi himself would not mind.
So why is everyone bothered so much? Do we have to get caught up in this shock-and-awe fad over everything trivial when more pressing matters are on hand?

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