Top two scorers in Tests but not all-time greats in rankings?

The anniversary of Sachin Tendulkar being stuck on the 99th hundred is another unavoidable reason that begs one to think between the lines.
One maintains that the greatness of Tendulkar should not be pinned down to a milestone as long as he has has not been the only burden and cause responsible for India’s recent failures in this team sport.
Coming on the back of the retirement of Rahul Dravid, it was interesting though to note where Dravid finished in the all-time Test batsmen’s rankings. He was 30th.
Suddenly, that known bit of statistic seems to rankle a bit more considering that even Tendulkar is not in the top 20. And no Virender Sehwag – scorer of three triple centuries – is not in the top five Indians on the long list.
A reason for this seeming anomaly could be the points system that determines the players ranking based on individual performances against a particular opposition in a specific series. So lesser-known names figure in the list while only Sunil Gavaskar figures in the list at the extreme end.
What does it say of the ranking system which does not figure the top two all-time run scorers? The title All-time Rankings is a misnomer.

Top 5 Indians
20 Sunil Gavaskar India 916 England (1979)
26 Sachin Tendulkar India 898 Zimbabwe (2002)
30 Rahul Dravid India 892 Pakistan (2005)
33 Gautam Gambhir India 886 Sri Lanka (2009)
48 Gundappa Viswanath India 871 Australia (1979)

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