Money power is all that matters

Once you have been through the video, here is a thought worth pondering….

So the disgust part aside of a system or the process that has no accountability and counter, one needs to reflect that this is a custom which plagues not just Indian media but the world order.

If you have power (read Media in this context) you are the king. Money is the universal understanding of all that is power. And every one wants to have it. It is okay to defend the common man, journalist, and lament, “we are just the messengers, what can we do?” OR take onus of your life and work towards ensuring that you have the money power.

As the business of network marketing will tell you, 97% of the world work jobs and service the 3% rich who have all the power and control. And unlike jobs where only a few can be in a position of authority, network marketing is one equal opportunity business.

One door to opportunity is here.

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