Over-reaction to medical issues in Sport

It is one thing to be emotional and another to be practical.

So Fabrice Muamba of Bolton Wanderers survived but D Venkatesh did not with Bangalore Mars.

Bolton play in the lucrative English Premier League, one of the richest tournaments in the world. Bangalore Mars are not even in the National Football League, the premier football tournament which only recently got a hiked 10-year sponsorship deal in India, where any sport struggles to get attention against the religion of cricket.

Muamba and many footballers hailing from the African continent could be suffering from cardiomyopathy as The National reports. Besides the possibilities of these things happening are remotely less.

An article in Goal.com took pains to find out the costs and acknowledges that it can be an expensive affair in the lower leagues where television money is scarce. But if a country has money and can afford it, why not? Like the UAE.

Precisely the point. Why then express indignation on the medical support, or the lack of it?

Things happen. It is always easy to take the high ground in hindsight, no?

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