No one has won the egoistic battle

Osman Samiuddin is a respected writer but his view in The National, that he found nothing wrong with Denesh Ramdin’s note to Vivian Richards, the legendary cricketer turned commentator, is debatable.

Ramdin scored a century coming in the wake of criticism by Richards that he has done nothing to deserve his place in the chances given. Ramdin’s hurt is understandable but the fact that he came prepared with the note and finished his job on the field, as if produced on-demand, shows that if he had shown the same sense of purpose earlier, the story would not have taken this twist. 

Ego and determination to succeed in life do not go hand in hand.

It is the same for Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhupathi. While Paes is no saint and not an ideal partner the success of Indian Express so long was only because Bhupathi agreed to play second fiddle in his early years. Now that his cup is full with success, his ego has taken over.

This gem courtesy Dato Vijay Eswaran:

A sculptor made a statue of great beauty from a single rock. The shattered parts of the rock were used to make footsteps to the statue.

The footstep asked the statue, “Brother we are from the same rock but you are respected and I am stamped, WHY?”

The statue said, “I withstood thousands of hit by the sculptor. But you shattered with a single hit. That’s why I am respected and you are not.”

The ego is the rock that shatters to become the footpath, the beautiful statue within is the humility within that remains. It is the true strength and character of a man. 

One thought on “No one has won the egoistic battle

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