Sania Mirza’s ace with perfect timing, or is it?

U.S. Open Wednesday, Sept. 1, 2010

Take that: Sania Mirza

During his golden years, the mighty West Indies Vivian Richards was not much of a talking man, though his motormouth of a jaw (to chew on gum) gave the wrong impression. And his recent provoking of Denesh Ramdin as a commentator would suggest otherwise.
But when he took the field he pulverised the opposition. It is there on the field that matters.
And then there is Sania Mirza. She kept quiet and spoke as soon as she got an entry confirmed herself at the Olympics.
I have my doubts if the soured relations, which will result now with Paes, will reflect in the performances on the court. After all, the biggest argument in Bhupathi – Bopanna’s favour is that it will be a doubles format and players need to gel as teammates.
Having said that Sania had to throw in her bit into the fire as well and knowing her, she has a lot of fire in her belly and a stomach for a fight. For now, the statement of hers was all about saying, ‘hello, will somebody bother to ask me too?
It was good for effect and from the heart. Whether it will get us a medal, hmmm…

Sania Mirza speaks

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