Aside: Shed the double standards on dress codes

It is common knowledge that Wimbledon has a dress code of its own and it was seen by many as just one of the fads of having white colour as a uniformity.

In recent years that got showed signs of smearing and smudging with dashes and blobs of colour coming on the sides of the players’ outfits as if to match the strawberries and the cream, the staple diet at SW19.

And then yesterday’s crackdown by the powers-to-be who hit their disdain for jeans, flip-flops and other forms of attire with such hammer effect lest it be forgotten again.

And these are the same people from the western world who smirk and frown when the countries in the Middle East talk of having a dress code. They played their part in hyping up the @UAEdresscode trend on Twitter.

At least that demand, coming from the women itself, had a morality angle to it. Show of flesh will work as the devil surely in an empty mind.

But what could be the thought process at Wimbledon for enforcing their thumb of rule? What is the idea, to serve what purpose. Why will the governments not step in and there are no protests? Is it because the audience is upwardly mobile and not to be bothered? Why do the tennis bodies – ATP and WTA – not step in and say ‘enough of this silly rules. Television maybe thinks one white in the rainbows of colour is a novelty in itself and space for one can be okay.

Okay, so why fuss about the dress codes of others?

One thought on “Aside: Shed the double standards on dress codes

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