What leaked Yahoo email passwords tell us?

As much as security is paramount these days in this Information Age, people still can show their inclination to being of Stone Age in not adhering to the rules of setting up a password despite so many tips everywhere of having non-dictionary characters/ words in alpha-numeric combinations. Ignorance cannot be bliss here as the top 10 leaked Yahoo email passwords show.

So ‘password’ is as much a password as is ‘monkey’.

But two words reveal as much as they want to conceal. ‘Money’ and ‘Freedom’ can be such giveaways but what do you do when dreams and aspirations drive your day to day life activities.

Quite clearly, people in large numbers are longing for money and freedom in life and by punching in those keys on the keyboard, they are putting their desires as requests to the Almighty.

Unless everyone can win a lottery there is no way a job or the the cycle of going to work and coming back home tired will allow anyone to get access to money and freedom. Except the proven way of network marketing, that equal opportunity, recession-proof industry.

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