Aside: Kejriwal’s overdose of expose could hurt fight against corruption

Arvind Kejriwal is a man on a mission or a hit-and-run mercenary or just plain opportunist who wants to hit the ground running and realises a new party can only make an immediate impact by striking when the iron is hot.

So a slew of sting operations and exposes that justify the motto of India Against Corruption may seem the right policy for now.

But the general public has short term memory. Just like 97 % of the world’s population falls back into the comfort zone – Robert Kiyosaki’s theory in Rich Dad, Poor Dad, as propounded here – Kejriwal’s work may well be undermined by the same policy of Quantity v Quality.

English: Activist

For example, in all this, how many general public has got the time to spare a moment and think of Anna Hazare, and him as the one who started it all.

For all you know, Kejriwal may have a double purpose of getting back at all those who witch-hunted him out when he stood next to Hazare.

Talking of witch hunt and the wrong approach of those involved, Rajdeep Sardesai’s interview of Ashok Khemka, a whistleblower in the DLF scam, was all well until the veteran media professional went a bit too far, in one’s opinion, in trying to get a catchy line of two from the man, just to make sensational TV.

Sometimes words not spoken are more than enough but tell that to a television journalist, especially on a topic of threat to family.

The video:

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