Dubai police’s car caravan … tallest, fastest, strangest in UAE

English: Dubai Magyar: Dubaj

English: Dubai Magyar: Dubaj (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

UAE, the land of the biggest, tallest, richest… everything grandiose, in short.

And those who cock a snook at the use of gold to line up the walls of hotels like the Burj Al Arab and Emirates Palace hotels or the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque may well note that wealth is to there to flaunt it.

When Burj Khalifa became the tallest tower in the world, there were many before who had gone for the claim but there were sections who thought it strange because it coincided with recession time.

But fancy top-end cars for the police force in Dubai? It was understandable when the first – a Lamborghini – was introduced. Obviously, you need the best resources to catch a running thief or reach a location in the fastest time possible on ground.

But the unfolding of the latter part is what befuddles one. One by one, the collection grew bigger, into a caravan of different models; almost as if to add the brands into a string of necklace only to show off.

Hmmm, why would you do that? What is the purpose of the police cars in the first place?

What difference would five Lamborghinis not have achieved what the current collection of a Lamborghini mixed with a Ferrari, Mercedes, Bentley and an Aston Martin has been assembled for?

In India, a decade back, Maruti came up with the Gypsy models for a jeep which did not quite catch the fancy of the public but straightaway became the model for the Indian police to accept and lasted quite long. You will still find them in many corners of the country.

The primary reason for that was not any kickback of a deal, but because the engine, I was told in layman terms, was powerful and ‘rough and sturdy’. Which was to address the ‘heart’ of the matter, so to speak.

I hope to be proven wrong but time will tell if these fancy cars serve any real purpose or will end up as another fancy string of ornamental value.

Picture gallery of the police fleet

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