Time to enpower the women with bras that shock

Against rape

Against rape (Photo credit: Toban B.)


Of late, my weekly chats with my children’s Arabic teacher – a Pakistani – have veered on the monotonous. Because every odd week he tries to ask me the latest news pertaining to India.
It is an occupation hazard but in this case, the teacher has been getting on my nerves. Because the moment I say, “Nothing, the usual”, he lets loose.
“We watch television and every day there is a news bit about some rape happening everywhere in your country. We have our own problems in Pakistan but it is the same old corruption; and Taliban, yes; but in your country, it seems like women are lesser safe than Taliban in India.”
At times like these I wish I could say with authority that India has a strong Fourth Estate.
But the fact could be that rape instances have indeed increased manifold despite the huge cry over the Nirbhaya case in New Delhi, India’s capital, or that the numbers have been the same as they were few years ago except that each rape has been flashed on prime time to make it look worse.
Reportage or not, the only way to bring the incidents down is a strong law and order system which acts as a deterrent for those lurking in the shadows waiting to pounce on a lady’s esteem.
And yet, a woman’s prestige is so fragile to stay untouched in a country where population, poverty and problems can be overbearing.
That is why the initiative by three college girl students deserves not only to be lauded but given all economic support to make it a reality.
The girls decided to take matters in their own hands. Err, actually they have decided to invent a bra which can release electric shocks the moment unwanted hands reach out for their bosom.
That bit of news is now a month old but in the absence of any news confirming that the April development has seen the light of day I suspect that such an initiative will peter out just like the policy-makers ground out anti-rape laws to a toothless tool to desist the perpetrators.


PS: Manisha Mohan and her friends deserve a bravery award too.






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