What should we thank Sachin Tendulkar for?

English: Sachin Tendulkar at Adelaide Oval

English: Sachin Tendulkar at Adelaide Oval (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That’s it. It is done. Sachin Tendulkar, the god of cricket, has been forced to call it a day and he has done it once again; that is played this incident revolving around his cricketing life with dignity, that is.

More than the runs and the sheer weight of numbers – of successes and failures – it is his humility and unblemished PERSONAL LIFE that will set him apart as unique.

Among others, it will be for his unwavering dedication which has no value among those critics who said he was overstaying his innings over 24 years.

It will be for being politically correct in the most trying of circumstances and despite the acute pressure from a demanding world of pricks.

For giving India the self-belief to be a cricketing world in its phase 2 of the journey after the fizz of the 1983 World Cup had died down.

For getting up one more time each time he fell and especially when no one would have blamed him had he not.

For trying relentlessly to get up early and find a quiet corner at MIG club, Bandra, or wherever he could to practice in solitude and improve on the perfection. (pun intended)

For refusing to bow to the humongous temptations available to him to digress as a faithful husband, father and son.

For showing that uprightness and conviction of not succumbing to the Twenty20 lure in international cricket, for whatever little value it was worth fighting for.

For making us all proud and never give one reason to feel embarrassed or ashamed of him being the perfect idol.

Thank you Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, not for 15,921 runs in 200 Tests and 18,426 runs in 463 ODIs and certainly not for the 100 hundreds with the help of so many sixes, but for that one straight drive that pulverised every opposition bowler; for that one shrug of the shoulder to dismiss the most snarling, terror of a spearhead; for that one paddle sweep that did not allow any spinner to turn the game for his team; for giving Team India a psychological edge whenever he stepped out.

Thank you Sachin, and Anjali, Sara and Arjun.

Sachin, gela re!!

2 thoughts on “What should we thank Sachin Tendulkar for?

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