Reblog: LGBT ruling by SC and the myth of the modern liberal mind

R Jagannathan writes in the First Post:

The Supreme Court judgment yesterday (11 December 2013) that recriminalised homosexuality by upholding the validity of Section 377 of the IPC has been widely panned as antithetical to the idea of equality before the law.

Many people have condemned it as a throwback to a more intolerant age, with Additional Solicitor General Indira Jaising criticising the judgment as being the result of a “medieval mindset”.

Actually, this is unfair to mediaeval India, which was nowhere as illiberal as we are now. As Manoj Mitta points out in The Times of India today, in mediaeval times we had Khajuraho, Kama Sutra, and Konark, all of which celebrated love, including same-sex love. The mediaeval mindset was, in fact, more liberal, and it was the rigidity brought in by Victorian England that we embraced as modern.

Our current attitude of intolerance is thus entirely “modern”. By “our” I don’t mean only Indian attitudes, but that of the whole world. We thus find all kinds of intolerance gaining traction everywhere.

The New Right can’t live with the New Left, the Tea Party can’t coexist with Centrists in the Republican party, never mind Left liberals, the Left can’t accept market economics, the French can’t live with the hijab, China can’t live with the puny defiance of a Dalai Lama, the Sunnis loathe the Shias and Ahmaddiyas, the upper castes at home can’t bear to see the Dalit standing up for his rights, patriarchy everywhere is fighting a last-ditch battle against women’s rights, and some angry feminists can’t see that there can be a male point of view – even if it is different from their own perspective.

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