REBLOG: Aam Aadmi Party a Congress B team or revival tool for the Grand Old Party?

Semu Bhatt, who is an independent strategic analyst and writer, provides this insight on her blog at  She can be reached on Twitter @semubhatt

By Semu Bhatt

Nearly a month after its stunning electoral debut, the Aam Aadmi Party government in Delhi has won the confidence vote with the backing of the Congress party, which the former had earlier derided as the most corrupt. This was preceded by an interesting string of events.

A section of the Congress was not happy about extending support to the new entrant and some party workers even protested against it. On the eve of the oath taking ceremony of Arvind Kejriwal as the Delhi Chief Minister, a sting operation caught Congress MLAs admitting that the party is “supporting him only to destroy him”. On the day he was sworn in, BJP’s Nitin Gadkari alleged that the AAP has reached a deal with the Congress to stop the BJP from coming to power in the centre.

Is the Aam Aadmi Party a Congress B team, as the BJP implies, or is the Congress out to destroy the AAP, as its own MLAs have admitted? The answer lies in Team Rahul’s new strategy.


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