Chetan Bhagat’s ‘real-India’ take on AAP is implying a conclusion in non-fiction

Chetan Bhagat has a liking for Gujarat by his own admission when he did a part of a road series for National Geographic on television; that is if you haven’t read his book Three Idiots or guessed it already.
Few days back he got lampooned for criticising or expressing his views on Aam Aadmi Party on Twitter, but that was as common as you and me going to the loo every day. For every action of shitting or praising AAP there is and equal and opposite dump by Narendra Modi fans, for free on Whatsapp and Twitter and Facebook. If Social Media collected a penny for each thought like India’s Sulabh urinals millions would have been made.
Anyways, take a nice read on what an assistant TV crew member has to say on his observations on Bhagat, the man and personality, behind the author renowned for lucid writing on common human beings like you and me. And no, the writer cannot be accused of being an AAPtard because the party did not even exist then.
I quote from the documentary-maker’s blog: “Chetan has come to see the ‘real’ India but he clearly cannot   get enough of the India  he has left behind. Between shots,  in the jeep,  even between conversations with the locals, he twiddles briskly on his blackberry. 
This surprises me, for I had known writers to be  like sponges.”
Fast forward to Bhagat’s blog posts with catchy headlines such as ‘Get the priorities right, India first, AAP second’ and ‘Item girls of politics’. Trying to project himself as neutral,  and convince the strong basis of his arguments by mentioning the survey size, he says with conviction that AAP has already given up whatever advantage he had back to BJP. So in three weeks of power that the AAP got, Bhagat has got his crystal ball out, pronounced his verdict and what AAP should have done to remain morally virtuous?

To be fair, at least, Bhagat got the pulse of the party right in two aspects: Responsive and Inexperience.
What critics call it Arvind Kejriwal’s u-turns are also because they have been responsive to criticism and changed track on getting feedback through various channels, for good or bad. Is there a definite thing as public opinion?
But the main grouse for Bhagat is that they should not have gone for Lok Sabha because they do not have the experience. But there has to be a start somewhere. And LS elections are not held every month like Bhagat’s Facebook surveys. What’s wrong in riding the momentum?

BJP would not have been today what it is if they had not timed the Rath Yatra before the elections. The risk is losing out and being confined to becoming another CPI or CPM. If they have exposed themselves so much to have already lost public support back to BJP by his own survey, the few months will be more than enough for the hangman’s nose to tighten on its own. Or is Bhagat worried of a bigger rosy picture which he wants to subvert by nipping in its bud by exerting his substantial influence?
Swaying opinion is the item man of Indian writing (fiction).

PS: Just a couple of days before the first article slamming AAP for ignoring India, Chetan Bhagat went and met Arvind Kejriwal. The details of the meeting are not known. Could there be a connection?


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