#openyourlegs trending: a woman’s indecent proposal sparks a storm

A prominent blogger, Vidyut is a single mother who has a child of special needs, stays in Virar and depends on financial donations to run her blog website aamjanata.com.
Why all this personal details? Because, as far as I can tell, she is not on the payrolls of the Ambanis or Adanis and a woman who is fighting challenges in life alone the hard way.
Certainly harder than the women in their easy sofas and the fashionable champions of feminism like Shobha De. Again, what is the context?

Because, arm-chair lady critics joined hands with BJP trolls and male chauvinists in condemming her comments, where Vidyut tweeted about women BJP supporters who “open their legs” for Modi?
Many presumed she was the one who threw the casting stone and then played victim.
Nobody looked at the origin but willingly contributed to throwing muck where the ceiling fan was – on social media.
The fact was Vidyut exposed a fake voting system on Aaj Tak channel and BJP supporters abused her, gave names and insulted her parents; all this from even fake accounts, something that is known but was established further in the course of this controversy. She hit back; that’s her style.

Click on the image for the entire Storify board

Click on the image for the entire Storify board

Delving into BJP’s social media campaigns and strategy would mean we may digress over the more important matter critical to the issue.
There are indeed many genuine people, including women, who thought even if Vidyut was wronged, the best way was to block or ignore the trolls but her language did a disservice to her own image and the so-called Indian “culture”.

Which brings us to the question, is it wrong or fair to expect a woman to operate within the realms of decency in action and language while men can do whatever they want?
In this patriarchal society, does a woman lose the right to fight the feministic and gender equality battle if she stoops down to the same level as men?
It is no secret that the modern woman does not shy away from mouthing the same offensive words as the men, at times, without really meaning them. So “F#%K YOU, S#@T, MC-BC” are not out of order.

In fact, in an uncanny coincidence, another blogger Zig Zackler wrote and probably jinxed this new controversy when he polled women 13 days ago this date on cussing women.
Vidyut and Neeta Kolhatkar, a former colleague, had no shame in confessing that they do. The discussion only was in what fashion.
In Vidyut’s own words: “I swear in several languages. Very often I’ll add Indian language comment/swearing/curse in middle of English tweets.”
“Choice of language mostly dependent on which one has a phrase that nails it. Also sometimes by context.”

What is established thus is that the Vidyuts of today will give back what they get. At times they may go overboard too.
Just like Rajdeep Sardesai did while reporting in the United States last month on Narendra Modi’s visit.
Just like Somnath Bharti in his night vigils to keep Delhi safe.

In contrast, those expressing outrage at Vidyut’s brashness were certainly not kicking up a storm when Khap Panchayat proponents get elected to represent a BJP government in Haryana despite large-scale media coverage. Statements such as one from BJP leader OP Dhankar promising Bihari women as political goodies to Haryanvi men don’t ruffle these same feministic champions.

Question is how large-hearted are we to look at the intentions or the issue at the core and ignore trivial details on how it was handled?

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