Complete IPL overhaul will also help BCCI get rid of problematic past

Another court verdict from the Supreme Court and cricket aficionados are rejoicing that Indian cricket will turn a corner when pushed into one by the country’s law.

As senior journalist Ayaz Memon noted, following the suspension of the two IPL franchises Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals, the court ruling showed that the BCCI is not above board as it used to claim for all these years.

While the BCCI has learnt not to antagonise the legal bodies, it has also partly done so in the recent past because of one belief: they know that Narainswamy Srinivasan can circumvent through any position if he wants to.

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He is still alive and kicking when people thought in March this was the end of him when he was ordered to pick between staying as BCCI president and his conflict of interest in CSK. He chose CSK, moved on to being the ICC chairman and delegated his Indian fiefdom to a dummy – Jagmohan Dalmiya.

A easy way out of this mess is to replace the two teams with another two and work its way to having 10 teams. But the BCCI is not keen just because it burnt its hands in their only attempt to do so. That was their own making, though, of course.

The demand is undoubtedly there. Kochi Tuskers Kerala were shunted out because they became a hot potato to handle for BCCI. Pune Warriors went out because they became unviable, given the parent company Sahara’s financial problems.

And remember, Kochi stole a march over two smarting conglomerates who had bid and which led to Lalit Modi’s fall from grace. BCCI can always appease the spurned patrons to fill in. This could well be a blessing in disguise to build the bridges again.

The point is, BCCI will find a way to do some damage control and brush things under their carpet unless something drastic like a revolt has shaped up in the last few days. They always do. With the IPL months away and public memory short, things are all in favour of the BCCI.

There is a story on Cricinfo saying how BCCI officials are not in favour of terminating the two franchises even though Justice Lodha has suggested that that is one solution going by the rule framework of the IPL as set by BCCI itself.

That is nothing but double standards. Certainly Kochi would like to believe so.

The logical solution for BCCI, if they were really serious about it, would be to just call for a fresh start. Players from across all franchises could go back in the auction pool for 2016, bringing it ahead from 2017. At the same time, all franchises could be made to make a fresh submission on ownership and funding details, making all deals above board.

The refreshed look will give a fair opportunity for Sony to revisit the TV deal and the pot of the money could be distributed accordingly. Fresh valuations also will allow for an informed approach to those on the outside trying to invest in a franchise or as merchandising partners.

When one gets tired of a gold ornament, it is best to dissolve and make a new design to one’s taste but using the core from the old version.

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