Now playing in Pathankot…another terror attack, media jamboree and mudslinging matches

It is an open secret that when there is a concerted, rare effort in holding peace talks between India and Pakistan, it is an invitation to the extremists of all hues to do what they can to strike political capital at the cost of human lives.
The first night of the new year proved to be a test of resolution for the premier politicians of the subcontinent neighbours with terrorists striking at an Air Force base in Pathankot with the brief to inflict damage on the helicopters.
But it has also invited another barrage of the supporters of the current regime with right-wing lineations. It is a common theme now that fans of Narendra Modi are quick to deflect criticism with silly what-abouters. But it was sickening to see it playing out in social media even in a serious case involving national security.
Meanwhile, a top media bigwig like Barkha Dutt tweeted early Saturday morning: “NO live coverage of #Pathankot ops on @ndtv at all – both in terms of information and visuals. Nor details of troop and chopper locations”.
Having stoutly defended her role in the Kargil war despite criticism over her enthusiasm overriding the safety of the Indian troops, her tweet seemed loaded.
Also consider the fact that she was in a way forced out at NDTV, it looked like a dig at her employers where she still operates as a consultant/ content provider.
Either which way, it looked petty that she was making professional mileage with a piggy ride on the attacks issue.
Meanwhile, the Prime Minister’s Office came out with a balanced statement hours after the nation kept looking in that direction.
Some things never change.

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