Gameweek 3 selections for FPL

Another above average for me last week so far as I moved up in to the top 50k bracket.

And yet I am really tempted to head for the wild card switch. Twice I rejigged the team and just could not find the courage to do so and have saved it for later. I will share the imaginary wild card after this weekend.

If you are top of the two private leagues and doing quite well why would you want to take unnecessary risks, is not wrong to look at my situation.

But it is also unsettling to discover that my-two week’s decent haul is only thanks to the  7 players on field including the goalkeeper.

None of my 5 midfielders have got more than two points each week and it has been nothing less a big setback in aspirations to go higher.

The temptation for the wild card is only because the midfield has tanked my team value and erased all gains on that front.

Henrik Mkhitaryan alone is responsible for a 0.3 million nosedive already. Tadic and Firmino have slipped a notch back, too. Besides, a wasted transfer in hindsight with the not-so-lucrative N’Golo Kante has added to the anxiousness.

But I have decided to hold put just like the vain investor trying to recoup some losses.

The compelling fixtures of Chelsea and Manchester United in Gameweek 3 has prompted me to take out Mkhitaryan and go for a straight swap.

Eden Hazard has gone out of budget because of Jose Mourinho’s limited easing in of Mkhitaryan so Anthony Martial, instead of Paul Pogba, is the one.

All the best.

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One thought on “Gameweek 3 selections for FPL

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