Wildcard activated: Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 4 transfers

Right, two weeks of nervousness over transfers have gone by, waiting and watching and then some more planning for Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 4 after the deadline day .. and then more planning entailed the ban on Sergio Aguero.

The latter development put the wildcard transfer plans of those waiting to employ it in the first place, including me, in two thought processes. As you can see from the screenshots below, the core of my wildcarded team was down to all spots firmed up leaving a midfielder and forward to switch based on the Aguero situation.

But before that, the question of using the wildcard chip: to use or not?

As indicated in the previous posts, I got off running okay but those were without any help from any of the five midfielders; that is 140 points from essentially six players on the field. There was bound to be a correction and that happened in Gameweek 3 when I had just 35 points, seven points below the average mark. I missed out on 9 points of Scott Dann (Crystal Palace) off the bench but that would be a waste of time counting the spilt milk.

The bad show was excuse enough to keep the doubts aside and pull the trigger. Aguero’s ban can be seen as a blessing in disguise to free up funds and splurge on the best midfield generals. But what happens when Aguero comes back?

The wildcard allows me to get in the in-form midfielders Eden Hazard, Raheem Sterling, Ross Barkley and Etienne Capoue. Bearing in mind the fixtures for the next three weeks and a strategy to keep two transfers free to reverse the switch to accommodate Aguero back, here are the selections for my  wildcard team:


Using something as valuable as a wildcard with such short-term foresight can be outright risky but we all can only hope to get a crystal ball that could predict the future. So I have to decided to gamble a bit. Those who think Aguero is best to be preserved, I would like to hear from you in the comments below of what you think of this team:


Some thoughts on the transfers and form guide of certain players:

Christian Benteke’s arrival at attack-minded Crystal Palace muddled up the thinking, frankly. Other Aguero alternatives were: Kelechi Iheanacho in a straight swap for  Manchester City, the new Arsenal recruit Lucas Perez, England’s hat-trick hero but Manchester United’s still rookie Marcus Rashford and the temperamental Chelsea striker Diego Costa.

The choice of Harry Kane and Michail Antonio boiled down to the fixture ease of Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham for the next three fixtures. If you want to have players who have shown potential and are not in many friends’ teams, these two offer a roll of dice which can be reverted when Aguero comes back.

PS: I have great regard for the pundits and a review of 10 experts by a website indicate a unanimous preference for Friend over Nsue in the Bournemouth defence. But I prefer Nsue for his more attacking position over the Boro captain. I also opted for Mason Holgate over Swansea’s Jordi Amat with Everton’s schedule in mind. Also there is a opinion that Arsenal have good fixtures but I am ready to hold back for couple of gameweeks more before Alexis Sanchez gets a look-in.

As always, let me know what you think and feel free to share.



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