Rocked again in roller-coaster start to season this Fantasy Premier League

A return of 38 points was not very bad but certainly at a bad time when you are already slipping away inch by inch.

Harry Kane was always going to be a gamble. And so has been the choice of captain. Just like trying to time to flip your stock holding in the hope that the bear market has bottomed out.

My captain Eden Hazard flopped when he was the most popular choice with nearly 50% of the votes. Those who banked on the inconsistent Romelu Lukaku got lucky, though.

Worse, Etienne Capoue was left out on the bench and cost a potential 13 points. Capoue is the epitome of an unpredictable season where a guy who scored only one goal and a assist from 57 games before this season is now the top point scorer.

With Sergio Aguero out and the wild card seeming like a wasted move, the question is now if there is appetite to tide the wave or take cover.

Harry Kane continues to frustrate. His performance in the Champions League against Monaco did not evoke much confidence either. The option is to to use the free transfer and swap out Kane as a one-game wonder for someone like Lukaku or Christian Benteke.

Benteke did score for Crystal Palace but he had only one shot at the goal so the underlying stats are not good.

So I am staying put with this team and itching to get back Aguero and then Roberto Firmino at the first available opportunity.

Captain’s choice: I have a feeling Ross Barkeley is due for a big one but Zlatan Ibrahimovic is the word on the street and so hoping that the substitute in the Europa League loss to Feyenoord in Rotterdam will still have enough freshness to put his best foot forward.




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