Rolling the dice on Gameweek 7 in Fantasy Premier League

A busy week on the personal front meant that I did not get time to bring in Sergio Aguero for my Gameweek 6 transfer in the Fantasy Premier League.

An absolute tragedy not just because he had 13 points and was the most popular captain’s choice for many – a setback of whopping 26 points. It was a double whammy for the fact that I had two transfers saved to bring him back and atleast one transfer was wasted. Colossal waste when you are trying to inch back into the top 100K given my start.

Time to roll out the dice and take some hard decisions. First and foremost I had to plan for the next five transfers and take a call on Aguero. I decided to hold back on bringing him back in! Yes, I will punt on Aguero not doing much against the stingiest defence of Tottenham Hotspur.

The other gamble is to go against the popular choice this week of Alexis Sanchez for the captain’s armband since more than 32% of the FPL owners have him and it is best to swim against the tide if you are playing catch up.

Having said that, Arsenal and Liverpool have the better next three fixtures than Manchester United and Chelsea. Taking that into account it seems worth it to take a four-point hit to bring in Philippe Coutinho along with Sanchez while replacing the injured Harry Kane with one forward. That was a tough one with Solomon Rondon taking the nod ahead of Jermain Defoe, Troy Deeney and Marcus Rashford, all of which look attractive options.

Eden Hazard and Zlatan Ibrahimovic were the most transferred out players over the week. Though Hazard is due to make up for his loss of form against Hull City he makes way for Coutinho purely with the fixture ease in mind.

I am banking on Ibrahimovic to shake off the Europa League 1-0 laggard win against Zorya and is the captain, given they face Stoke City but will make way for Aguero next week and hopefully a four-point hit will be avoided.

All the best to all managers.


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