The Aguero question: bring him in GW11 or later?

To bring in Sergio Aguero or not, was the question last week.

One did not get a chance to blog my thoughts but I did tweet hoping extending my faith in Zlatan Ibrahimovic may hit off and Aguero would have an off day.

That came to bite me hard. Considering I got above average 64 points without him stung rather than being a calming influence. When you are playing catch up, it hurts.

So bringing him back for Gameweek 11 is obvious? Not exactly. With  Manchester City’s schedule and Pep Guardiola’s famous rotation policy bearing in mind Aguero and Ilay Gundogan are most at risk of being rested.

Which brings us back to the Aguero question and a close look again at the rest of the squad. If you are also among those who do not have Aguero will realise how difficult it is to get him given his price tag.

The shuffle to get him is nothing short of a mini wild card. In the end it seemed too big a risk to take to not have him. So gut prevails over logic.

The gut says with the international break coming up and Guardiola reportedly unhappy with Aguero, he will have no mercy and, equally, Aguero will try and prove him wrong.

Let’s hope that stays the case until the new year. If things go wrong, there is always the second wild card for me; even two for some of you.

So as said there is a three-way transfer to get 2 City players given the urgency that they have better fixtures for the month.

Injury to Valencia means my problematic defenders, Emille Nsue and Mason Holgate, and Jakupovic in the goal still need addressing as I have had to look elsewhere to get the money for the big shuffle.

Like Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the underlying stats for Hyeung-min Son were good and it looks like a case of returns are round the corner for both.

Sanchez owners could swap him out with Walcott, which was a strong option for me too, to release money for Aguero but Son looked the weaker link and goes out.

Also settling the debate for me was the fact that a whopping 70% of voters on a captaincy poll have put Aguero as the choice for the armband. The risk of not having him at all was too much.


Once in, the decision to be made is if there is any candidate who has a stronger chance of scoring more than Aguero should a situation pan out that he gets limited time on the pitch or none at all.

Philippe Coutinho is a strong choice for a differential captain but I haven’t decided yet and will closer to deadline.



What do you think?

PS: Gundogan is the new Joe Allen and is hot property.  But a look at the top 1000 managers indicates that they are less enthused than the general public. Maybe it is too early but for me he is cheap, he is Man City and he fits in the cookie-cutter transfer policy this time!

One thought on “The Aguero question: bring him in GW11 or later?

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